Solar EPC Sales Tracking: Create and Manage Proposals

All the details of customer requirement, site area, engineering design and commercial offer are captured in the solar CRM via customer details form and engineering design form respectively.

All of these details can be used to quickly create a solar PV proposal for the customer by filling the gathered data in a predefined proposal template.


Create proposal

To create proposal for a lead, you will find an option on the lead details page – “Create Document >> Create Proposal”.

When you click on “Create Proposal” option, the proposal page will open. If you have previously created a proposal for the selected customer, you will be able to see the PDF file in the preview window.

Click on the “Create Proposal PDF” button to create a new proposal or update the previous file with latest details.

A new proposal file will be created which you can preview on the same page.

In this preview, you can verify that all the details and pricing are correctly updated. If any changes are required, you can edit the details in customer details or design and commercial details form. Then recreate the PDF with the latest inputs.

Email the proposal to customer

When the proposal PDF looks satisfactory, you can directly email it to the customer by scrolling down on the same proposal page.

Here, you will see a draft email created from a standard template (which can be edited in the CRM settings).

If needed, you can add more recipients to this email, edit the email subject or content text. Then click on ‘Send Proposal Email’. A PDF file of this proposal will be sent as an attachment in this email.

You can see the emails sent to a particular customer by going to his lead details and then switching the the ‘Sent Mail’ tab.

Additionally, you can also access the latest proposal file created for this customer on the lead details page – listed as ‘Quotation’.